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Louis Cruise Lines

Louis Cruise ships sailed the oceans of the world and pioneered innovative itineraries for over 20 years. The Greek Officers and European crew with their gracious hospitality and nautical tradition offered you an unforgettable experience.

There is no 2019 itinerary for Louis from Cyprus, but to see actual cruises for 2019 from Cyprus please look here. Salamis Cruises

For cruises from Cyprus, Louis Cruise Lines last used the

Sailing to many destinations but for only July and August  Louis Cruise Lines offered a variety of cruises from 3 to 7 days.

Summer schedules are normally finalised and released each year between March and April. Then revised. Tradition :)


    Cruise from Cyprus as part of your summer holiday

Cruise from Cyprus to Greece and the Greek Islands as part of your summer holiday

Louis AURA  
Days Duration Destination July Aug Sept
7-days Wednesday-Wednesday Heraklion, Dubrovnik, Saranda, Cytheio, Antalya      
4-days Wednesday-Sunday Mykonos, Chania (Souda), Rhodes      
5-days Sunday-Friday Patmos, Thessaloniki, Volos, Rhodes      
4-days Friday-Tuesday Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes      
6-days Tuesday-Monday Ag,Nikolaos, Gytheio, Kefalonia, Zante, Kalamata, Kastelorizo      
4-days Monday-Friday Santorini, Syros, Mykonos, Kos      
4-days Friday-Tuesday Patmos, Mytilini, Rhodes      
4-days Tuesday-Saturday Santorini, Nafplion, Kos      
4-days Saturday-Wednesday Samos, Mytilini, Symi      
6-days Wednesday-Tuesday Bodrum, Mytilini, Constantinople, Patmos      

Special cruises - enquire for details 

2 Day Cruises from Cyprus to Israel -  The Holy Land 
For only Salamis are running 2 day cruises -
see here

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cruise from Cyprus and take excursions to Israel - Bethlehem, Jerusalem and more Take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity, by visit some of the most incredible sights on earth in the Holy Land.
- The Church of the Nativity & the Grotto, built over Jesus' birthplace.
- The Church of the Holy Sepulchre & Golgotha in Jerusalem.
- The famous Waling Wall and a panoramic view of the Garden of Gethsemane & the Church of All Nations

2  Day Cruises from Cyprus to Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs /
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Visit Egypt and see not only the pyramids and the sphinx all in one day, see king Tut's mask in the Cairo museum.n

The opportunity of a lifetime. Travellers have flocked to the Pyramids of Giza and gazed on the enigmatic Sphinx for thousands of years. We make it possible for you to have a whirlwind romance with Egypt, the land of mystery and contrasts. On this short 2 or 3 day cruise you will see enough to whet your appetite for a longer return visit or fulfil for many the dream of a lifetime, to see the pyramids and the Sphinx close up and in the flesh so to speak.
Visit Giza and tour the stunning Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, cruise the Nile and explore the city's bazaar.

3 Day Cruise to Lebanon with overnight  with Salamis
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Cruise from Cyprus to the Lebanon as part of your summer holiday

Enjoy mini cruises from Cyprus to Lebanon where Louis Cruises gives you the opportunity to visit the Jeita Grotto, a most unique experience to admire the caverns sculpted by water and time. You will also get to visit Byblos, take a panoramic tour of Jounieh and visit the church of Lady Harissa. Also see Beirut.

Limassol-Beirut with overnight-Limassol

Cruises from Cyprus to Rhodes - The Medieval Town
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Cruise from Cyprus to rhodes as part of your summer holiday The beautiful historic island of Rhodes is an absolute must on any Greek island odyssey. In addition to its many gorgeous beaches, there are unspoilt villages to explore and the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe, Rhodes City's World Heritage-listed old town, to savour.
Lindos, 47km from Rhodes, is a major tourist destination and a visit there is included in our optional excursions.
The interior of Rhodes offers great scenery and traditional villages.

3 - 7 Day Greek Island Cruises
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Cruise from Cyprus to the Greek Islands as part  of your summer holiday

With so much history and culture to absorb, it's no wonder why the Greek Islands are so popular among discriminating travellers searching for adventure and intrigue. Louis Cruises covers the Greek Islands region with a variety of cruise itineraries from the historic ruins of Athens to the sunny orchards of Corfu.
Some summer destinations included: Ayios Nicolaos - Andros - Chania - Constantinople - Corfu -Edipsos- «eraklion - Kavala - Kastelorizo -Kefalonia - Kos - Mykonos - Mytilini - Patmos - Patra - Pylos - Rhodes -Samos - Santorini - Sitia - Smyrni- Syros - Volos - Zante





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