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Louis Cruise Lines Safety

Safety on board

Louis Cruise ships carry all the relevant certificates of Lloyd's Register of Shipping (Princesa Amorosa, Princesa Victoria) Det Norske Veritas (Princesa Marissa, Princesa Cypria) American Bureau of Shipping (The Emerald), Registro Italiano Navale (Sapphire, Ausonia) and comply with all the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Conventions as ratified by the respective Flag Administrations including SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), MARPOL (Prevention of Marine Pollution) and STCW (Standards for Training Certification and Watchkeeping of Seafarers).

Extensive Maintenance on Cyprus cruises

All ships are continuously maintained during the operational period and undergo thorough extensive maintenance and upgrading programs in order to meet all the latest requirements of the IMO.

In accordance with the Maritime Law (SOLAS) following embarkation a safety briefing/drill is carried out which is attended by all passengers. During this exercise which takes place in various languages, the passengers are provided with all the necessary information.

In all cabins the position of the life jacket is well marked with fluorescent signs. Behind the door in each cabin, there are both written and pictorial instructions of the escape routes/assembly stations and instructions on how to use the life jacket.

Crew experience on cyprus cruises

Louis crew consists of highly experienced masters, officers who receive regular training on safety aspects and more importantly have been dedicated to Louis Cruise Lines for many years.

Crew Members on Cyprus cruises

All crewmembers are properly certified in accordance to relevant legislation (STCW 1995). It should also be noted that compared to similar cruise companies Louis employs more crew to offer better service and ensure safety.

ISO standards on Cyprus cruises

Louis Cruise Lines is a member of the Passengers Shipping Association of the U.K. which has as members, all the reputable cruise lines that sell cruises in the U.K.

Louis Cruise Lines has a commitment to Quality, Environment and Safety Standards and has established a dedicated department of Safety and Quality Assurance which monitors the implementation of the Company's Safety Management System in accordance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. This department also coordinates forthcoming certification to the International Standards on Quality Assurance ISO 9000, the ISO 14000 for environmental management systems and the safety training on board Louis Cruise Ships.

1) Children
Your children's safety is paramount, so please ensure that they behave in accordance with the safety regulations at all times.

2) Flammable material
For safety's sake, it is forbidden to use flammable materials such as gas, and portable appliances for heating water in your cabin.



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