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Crete - Ayios Nikolaos

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Louis Cruises - Egypt Excursion

Optional Excursion - Cairo & Cruise on the River Nile

From Port Said we drive through the cultivated desert to Cairo – home to 18 million people and the largest city on the African continent. Our first stop is the Giza Plateau and the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramids of Giza. We continue down the valley to visit the guardian of this mortuary complex, the mighty Sphinx. Watching the passage of time and men in centuries of silence, its enigmatic expression is a mystery yet to be unravelled. Our next stop is at a Papyrus Institute where the science of paper-making from reeds, an art first discovered by the ancient Egyptians, is demonstrated.
We continue downtown to the banks of the River Nile where a luxurious cruise boat awaits to sail down the same timeless waterway traversed by Pharaohs, Queens and Nobles thousands of years ago. Sit back, relax and enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch in elaborate interiors as we glide past Cairo’s waterfront landmarks. For our entertainment, a folkloric presentation and belly dancing will be performed during lunch.
Our last stop is at Tahrir (Liberty) Square, the heart of downtown Cairo. We visit the National Archaeological Museum and acquaint ourselves with Egypt’s ancient history, spanning a period of over 50 centuries. The Museum is the repository of the world’s largest and richest collection of Egyptian Antiquities, amongst them the priceless collection of King King Tut-Ankh-Amon (Tutankhamun)





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