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Louis Cruises - Lebanon & Syria Optional Excursions

Lebanon - Byblos, Jeitta Grottos, Lady of Harissa, & Beirut City

The excursion of Beirut starts with a visit to the city’s center, where century old traditions combine with modern architecture in an almost incredible rebuilding project. The tour proceeds to the Jeita Grotto, a unique opportunity to admire the caverns sculpted by water and time, featuring awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites. 

Then on to Byblos, the oldest settlement in the world, where there are fascinating ancient ruins and a colourful bazaar.
The excursion continues with a panoramic tour of Jounieh, a city of high rise buildings on a mountainside, and a visit to the church of the Lady of Harissa, on a rise of 620 meters.

Please take in consideration that if your passport bears an entry stamp of Israel, you will be refused entry to Lebanon.

Visit the Lebanon - Beruit - not so long ago called the Paris of the Middle East

Sticky sweeties from Lebanon - yum

Syria - Crac des Chervaliers, St. George Monastery & Shopping in Latakia

The tour from the Port of Latakia takes us to one of Syria’s prime attractions, the finest castle CRAC DES CHEVALIERS. Despite two terrible earthquakes, the Castle still looks very much as it did in the year 1200. We will walk through the castle in the 21st century but will be taken 9 centuries back to a time of war and siege. Our guides will tell the story of the Crac des Chevaliers. Following a one-hour and a half tour of the Castle, we proceed to St. George’s Convent. Following our visit at the Monastery, we continue to the centre of Latakia where we have the opportunity to experience and shop at the traditional bazaars and shops of the city. NOTE: We offer packed lunch that is prepared on board the vessel.

Please take in to consideration that if your passport bears an entry stamp of Israel, you will be refused entry to Syria



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