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Salamis Cruises - Syria Excursion

A days shopping in Syria - take a trip on a ship from Cyprus

Optional Excursion - Syria - Aleppo the famous market of the Middle East
Adults C12 Children (2-12 years) C6

We propose a unique opportunity to spend your day in the biggest and most famous  oriental market of the Middle East.

The market in Aleppo is situated in a stone built ancient building and covers approximately 30 kilometres. It is famous for the hand made carpets, silk, cotton and wool textiles and clothing, and the huge variety of needlework, leather garments, but also golden and silver jewellery.

The journey includes transfer on an air-conditioned coach from Lattakia to Aleppo and back, guide and lunch box from the ship.

For history lovers, we also offer an optional visit to the Citadel of Aleppo, which is built on the hill in the centre of the town from where the view is breathtaking.

Please take in consideration that if your passport bears an entry stamp of Israel, you will be refused entry to Syria

Shgopping in Syria is well worth the trip, not only is it cheap but it is also a special Middle Eastern experience

Do you generaly drink tea whilst shopping? Well this is where you learn how.




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