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Cruise Cyprus
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Grimaldi Freighter Cruises from Limassol Ferry Crossings to Limassol on Grimaldi Lines Take a car ferry from and to Limassol on Grimaldi Freighter Cruises for a different way to travel.

Grimaldi Freighter Cruises

We offer a passenger and car ferry services between various European Ports on board freighter cruise liners.  Ships depart throughout the year.

Even though the ships stop at various ports some ports don't have the option of embarkation and disembarkation. Below are the routes normally available from Limassol.
Please see
Itineraries & Prices for the full list of routes available.

Limassol to and from Salerno - Italy, Setubal - Portugal, Bristol/Portubury* - Israel - UK, Cork - Ireland, Esbjerg - Denmark, Wallhamn - Sweden, Antwerp - Belgium, Southampton - UK.
(*no vehicles)

If you have not travelled on a freighter cruise before
it's recommended you read the following information.

More and more holidaymakers are looking for a different kind of cruise experience, away from the huge juggernaut cruise vessels, crowded by thousands of passengers and far from the traditional way of travelling by sea.

Grimaldi are an Italian family owned company and is one on Italy’s leading ship owners. They have been involved in passenger business since the early 50’, first with regular line service across the Atlantic, then for more than 30 years with Mediterranean cruise operations and since 1999 with the car ferry services between Italy, Spain, Malta and Tunisia.

Grimaldi started to offer passenger accommodation on our cargo vessels in 1989, it started with the Repubblica di Genova running circular voyages from Europe to West Africa and Brazil. Today we offer Freighter Cruises on 32 of over 50 vessels. Destinations include Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, South America and West Africa.

There are many one way options available. Departures are frequent and on regular basis, many weekly with fixed day departures.

The vessels fly the Italian or the Swedish flag. On the Italian flag vessels, the majority, the master and some officers are Italians and the food is Italian.

The accommodation available vary according to the type of vessel, from the inside cabin with a bed and an upper berth to the owner’s cabin with separate day room. All cabins have private facilities (generally shower and WC). All cabins and areas designated to passengers are air-conditioned. The vessels have an elevator to reach the deck where the passenger accommodation is located. The maximum of passengers a cargo vessel can carry is 12, but not all of our vessels reach that capacity.

We accept passengers up to 89 years of age, but passengers 79 years or older will need a doctor’s certificate stating that they are fit to travel on a cargo vessel. All passengers need to be in good health and to have an insurance coverage for accidents, illness and medical assistance abroad.

One of the great features Grimaldi offers, is the possibility to carry passenger accompanied vehicles (cars, caravan, camping cars, busses and motorcycles).

Travelling on a cargo vessel is different from any other kind of voyage. On a cargo ship, freight has the priority. The passenger is, in a certain way, a paying guest, that has to adapt to the life on board the cargo vessel. The service on board is simple. sometimes your cabin may not be made up. During peak working periods, the master and the crew may not have much time to spare to look after the passengers. The food is prepared by a standard navy cook and is prepared for the requirements and the preference of the people working on board. The duration of the calls is determined by the volume of cargo to be unloaded and loaded and can be short or long, during the day or during the night.

But travelling on cargo vessels will give you other satisfactions. You will learn about what working on board means, you will enjoy a journey on the high sea similar to what it was in the past (but still travelling in today’s comfort).

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PO Box 40218 , Larnaca, Cyprus
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