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We had feedback from you that this place to meet old friends and add comments about your cruises and ferry crossings would be welcome, so here it is. Please do not use bad language and be aware that we will delete posts that are just written to aggravate. If you have compliments or complaints, put them here if you like, but do leave a valid e mail address or booking ref so we are sure they are real. We will reply to relevant ones on here, so please check back.

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why don't you create a messenger boards or chats so that people who went to your cruises would contact people they've met.. since lots of people meet interesting people then lose track of them.. i hope you would take my suggestion into consideration. looking for ward to be on your next cruise. thank you..

Mistresses Comment :Thanks for the request, that is why we have made this page... also try live chat at



Mistresses Comment : No not on the cruises, only on the ferries.


I found very interesting your web-site but i think it's not updated regularly. It's not helpful to look for a cruise for this summer and you only find last year's information and timetables. Thank you!

Mistresses Comment :We update as the info changes, many cruises are not going this year and so we keep last years prices as an indication of price and frequency.


Dear Sir, I want a crusie from limassol to rhodes (one way) at Monday or tuesday at Oct. 2002 for Two persons Is there any transfair from limassol to rhodes by sea in these days Thank You

Mistresses Comment :Please send in an e mail to  - There are cruises to Rhodes yes.


I have heard that the car ferries from Cyprus to Egypt are suspended until further notice. Are there currently any car ferries from Cyprus to Egypt operating ? Please e-mail me at dewellATix.netcom.

Mistresses Comment: As far as we are aware there will be cargo ferries only (no passengers) Please refer to which will be updated as soon as we have more news. (Update July 2005 - there is now a ferry)


I plan to travel with my car from Haifa to Piraeus in late May 2003. Will there be any ferries plying this route, either directly or via a ship change in Cyprus or elsewhere? Please reply to

Mistresses Comment :There are no ferries this year - only cargo ships for your car, but we can arrange it.  *Update July 2005 - there is now a ferry - Update 2008 now there is only one from Italy, the UK, Sweden, Ireland and the moon, but not from Greece !


do people like the shows on the salamis glory? i think there great and i think belinda karavos and jeff williams are great choreographers love roxie


I can't seem to be able to find a page in which all cruises for the Greek Islands are listed collectively, and it has been increasingly difficult and frustrating navigating through your site.

Mistresses Comment : Yes we know -  thats why we have redesigned it - thanks (:o))


any 2-3 days cruise from lebanon to cyprus?

Mistresses Comment : No - only from Cyprus and back - 2008 yes


Hi I am located in Israel and would like to go to Cyprus/ Rhodes by ship. Do you have a reservation office in Israel? my email address is: Thanks

Mistresses Comment : No - only from Cyprus and back


What is the most interesting (and inexpensive) way to get from Athens to Nicosia, Cyprus, in late September?

Mistresses Comment : Fly


Do the 2-day cruises from Cyprus to Egypt go every day or only certain days in the week?

Mistresses Comment : As listed at


I plan to visit Cyprus this late summer. Since I have a small boy with me I would like to go for a mini cruise around the Cyprus in one day. Does this kind of cruises exist ???? 

Mistresses Comment : see that's still the only way, but not all around Cyprus yet


Are there any ways of getting off the Island of Cyprus with a car to UK,either via mainland Greece or direct to UK. Please E Mail me at Why have all the ferries been suspended?

Mistresses Comment :There are no ferries this year - only cargo ships for your car, but we can arrange it. There are many rumours as to why not - the Olympic committee seems to have the main blame - Athens port will not accept the ferries apparently.

2008 update - YES - straight from Southampton to Limassol with your car now (:o))

Sent: 03 August 2003 13:40
Subject: Hi, Susannah

Hi, Susannah,
We had a great time in Egypt and on the Cruise Ship Serenade. Only the food was a little too bland for our Indian palates. But it was all part of the fun.
Didn't get to meet you. All the same, thanks for everything.
Bye, Olive, Christina (Anita), Joanitta and Lorna


We are looking for a ferry service from Beirut to Cyprus. So far no luck. Can you help??

Mistresses Comment: Unfortunately this service was suspended some time ago and we do not know when or if this service will be resumed. Please keep checking which will be updated the minute we have any news. (Update July 2005 - there is now a ferry)


I am looking for a ferry boat from Egypt to Cyprus can you please help. Also, is there a trip to Port Said this Thursday and the this coming Tuesday.

Mistresses Comment: As far as we are aware there will be cargo ferries only (no passengers) Please refer to which will be updated as soon as we have more news.(Update July 2005 - there is now a ferry)


REF Par/324984 My wife and i came on a 2 day cruise to Egypt on 28th July. We sailed on the Atlante. I would just like to say thank you for such an excellent time. The service was good from the word go, and continued till we left the boat. The entertainment was excellent, and the food delicious. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly, and very talented too. Well just thought i'd give you a short note to say thanks, and we will definitely be cruising with you again when we come over to Cyprus. Yours thankfully Mr & Mrs C.A.CURTIS.

Mistresses Comment: We're glad that you had such a good time and thank you for taking the time to give us all your feedback.



Mistresses Comment:  As far as we are aware there will be cargo ferries only (no passengers) Please refer to which will be updated as soon as we have more news. (Update July 2005 - there is now a ferry)


Are there cruises from Cyprus to Egypt in November 2003? How much are they?

Mistresses Comment:  Yes there are cruises to Egypt in November 2003 every  Monday and Wednesday. For a quote please fill in our booking form at 


We cannot find any car ferries running out of Cyprus, does anyone have any better info?

Mistresses Comment:  There are cargo ferries running that carry cars but not passengers.  (Update July 2008 - there is now a ferry)

Sent: 18 November 2003 09:10
Subject: Re:

Dear Susannah
Our Honeymoon Cruise on the Princessa Marisa was also perfect, our Suite was absolutely gorgeous and the Service we received was perfect. I only wish we could do it again!!!!!
Thank you Thank You Thank You
Alana and Ray

Sent: 17 March 2004 19:2

Dear Susannah,

Many thanks for the free upgrade. We are all looking forward to a memorable cruise. Many thanks also for your patience with me. You have no doubt gathered booking on line is a very new experience for me, first ever actually! Sorry did it show that much!

Looking forward to hearing from you with the pick up time, etc. from the Windmills Hotel.

Kind Regards.



I recently to a small cruise with my parents on the Marrissa and I would like to say that all the staff on board the ship were delightful and very heplful however in future maybe when big groups book you should try and avoid puting so many of them on one ship this particular cruise was manly for pensioners cypriot pentioners at that, and in my hole life i have never come across so many rude crude and nasty arrogant people, the pushed and shoved as if their life depended on it especially for food, they smerked at me as I walked past them daily as I was single and wore unappropiate clothing,ie shorts and bright colours, soon the whole ship was gossiping about me causing a huge argument with my parents who are also cypriot and basically ruined my trip, they rearly bought drinks, justs carried their bottle of water everywhere and when show time came they all rushed and grabbed front seats so i never even got to enjoy one evening, maybe in furture you could offer free tickets so that everyone could atleast sit at the front once and when they had their turn they could then sit elsewhere after all the room was big enough but the same people to front stage every evening. As for the summer bar closing at midnight this was also a problem as if i wanted to buy a drink i had to go into the lounge buy it from there and be stared at by all those misserable people as i left the bar alone with my drink. I am aware that this was not a fault of the company but it did completely ruin my first time cruise. yours kindly Maritsa.


Great looking site, thought i'd post! I will tell all my friends about it! Thank you. 

Sent: 07 March 2005 13:24

Dear Elena

Thanks very much indeed. Most helpful. Appreciated.

Kind regards


Sent: 09 March 2005 17:21
To: ''

Subject: RE: Egypt - two day cruise

Thank you again, you've been most helpful



Hello, I am planning to go Greek island hopping as cheap as possible. I want to go from Athens to Cyprus via Mykonos, Kefelonia, Santorini etc.. Can u advise me the best way to do this...


hello!! i find this page very helpfull. we are a group of people and we like to have a 3 day cruise to Rhodes.As i saw there is a cruise on the 5th of August.please can you tell as the arrival and the departure time from here to rhodes and back;;do we spent one night to Rhodes; thanks alot Peki&Yiota

Date: 4/23/2005

I am desperately trying to obtain information on ferry services to Cyprus from either Italy or Greece for September / October 2005. Do you know of any ferry operators who run this route or any cargo carriers who do take passengers. There will be 2 adults, one car & one dog, covered with insurance & full pet passport etc.

Mistresses Comment:  Yup, we do. For more information on the above question please contact

Date: 5/16/2005

Are there any cruises from Cyprus to Israel and Egypt in July?

Mistresses Comment: Yes there are. The best place to look for information on cruises to both Israel and Egypt is  Itineraries 

Sent: 20 May 2005 21:08
Subject: RE: Egypt cruise

Hi Susannah

Just a line to say many thanks for all you did for us when we missed our trip to Egypt , canít thank you enough! We had the time of our lives, the ship and crew were super ,and to actually touch a pyramid instead of looking at them in a book which I have done for the past 30 odd years was just ..well words escape me!!! The whole experience of Cyprus and Egypt was one Iíll never forget and thanks to you we actually saw it all!!!! The guide was super and the highlite for me was coming face to face so to speak with tutankamun I actually cried it really meant that much to me. Thanks again Susannah you prove there are still nice people out there.

Kind regards

Sent: 27 June 2005 11:34
Subject: RE: 2 day egypt confirmation
Dear Susannah
Thank so very much for your patience and your help. I'm really looking forward to this trip, I'll report back on how it all goes

Take care and once again, thank you 

Sent: 01 July 2005 13:49


Subject: Confirmation of Louis Cruise.

Dear Susannah,
What can I say? Thanks a million, you have been wonderful. I have printed off the confirmation paper, so we are all set to go now.
Kindest regards,

From: Mike O Riordan 
Sent: 20 July 2005 22:53

i recently did the 2 day cruise to egypt.You failed to mention in your brochure the ARMED GUARDS IN EACH COACH AND THE ARMED ESCORT all the way to Cairo. Relaxed is not a word i would use.More like the american assault on bagdad than a relaxing sightseeing tour.Also the way the tour operator osama(any relation to bin laden?)milked us of our money in the bazzar in cairo while our guide had groomed us before hand.How much commission were they on?She told us she learned her english from watching american movies on tv.Gangster movies i,d bet.I wont be travelling again.PS. I am a coach tour operator here in Ireland and we do not treat our visitors like that.Then she had the nerve to pass around two envelopes for more money for her and the driver for gratities before she hopped off the bus and left us to return to our ship alone.........

The info regarding the Haifa ferry doesn't seems clear at all. Please help me.

a) Is the ferry from PIRAEUS is back? That what it says on your web page, but it says only until this summer. What happens afterwards?

b) Where are the timetables? When do ferries leave and when they arrive?

c) From my calculations, it comes to around EUR1000 for a return trip for a couple with a small car. Did I made a mistake or is it really that expensive? Why?

Mistresses Comment: What great questions..

a) Yes, After summer, we see. No one knows yet. I think it depends on business.

b) They are esoteric figments which seem to transmute unless magic potion is rubbed in carefully. They are part quark part linear filament but are neither one thing or the other long enough to be a definite timetable - our transmutation team is however working on it full time. As  for the ferries they come and go.

c) Your calculations are completely correct, we think it is outrageous, not only that but the commission is so bad as to be much more trouble than it's worth to even sell them. There was no ferry for a couple of years, we could not believe that an island, which has joined the E.U. could get away with not having a ferry, and urged every other incredulous individual to approach the President of Cyprus with this ridiculous state of affairs (In case he didn't know)

Sent: 18 October 2005 11:56

Hi Susannah

Just a quick line to say thanks for all your help in sorting out the cruise for us. We had a really good time and will probably think about doing some more of the cruises on offer once we get to Cyprus to live. We will also recommend you to our friends staying at our villa.

Many thanks again.

Best wishes


Wed 26/04/2006 17:1   324593 now S/324612

Hi Jayne,

I just wanted to email to say thank you for all the work you and the team put

into making sure our cruise was a fantastic experience. The Salamis Glory

really was first class. We all had a fabulous two days and it was the

perfect end to our holiday. I would happily recommend the trip to anyone.

Thank you once again


Friday 08th August 2008

Can anyone provide their views of the passenger service from Cyprus to UK offered by the Grimaldi freight lines.. any advice welcome please

Mistresses Comment: I have done it twice now. It is better than it looks. (unusual I know, but there it is.)

22nd May 2010

Just back from last weeks Nile cruise and had great time sad for you that it
was very few on board but that was to our benefit. All your Staff great and
only two comments that need to be altered
1 nicos changed the schedule for the film to enable those who wanted to have
a rushed dinner 1900 and see Avatar in cinema.
I feel that you would be better serving dinner at 1800 on the Monday and
that entertainment especially a film start at 1930.
My only other disappointment was possibly the guide who was very good for
information, and also for helping ius through the museum etc etc  but did
emphasise all the way through, the importance of not buying from tourist Tat
vendors Papyrus or other rubbish Ha! Ha! yet orders for cartouches and
Tshirts etc etc were maybe a bit too much of salesmanship. We were rushed
the Nile cruise was very good with great buffet yet when I finished lunch
and was about to relax on deck wow we were already back in port, maybe an
extra 1/2 hr to relax and appreciate some of the Nile would have been in
order. the pyramids were  a bit rushed at 30 mins and the sphinx was Ok for
photo opportunity all very understandably rushed to fit in with the schedule
so no complaints here at all and a great adventure BUT and just a little one
we were then taken to the Papyrus workshop and Bazaar which in reality was
just part of the sales gimmick to sell expensive even if more authentic and
better quality tourist tat Ha! Ha! this was the most stretched out part of the tour, and not
for our personal benefit Ha! Ha! however appreciated the guides knowledge
and the day was a fantastic and well organised trip that I enjoyed very much
and from their comments  so did most of the others. Because of the 30minute
delay at the bazaar we did not reach the ship till 19.45 and once again the
Greek evening was a success and apart from the musician who should not have
been allowed to sing despite his talent as a musician Ha! Ha! (after Cabaret
finished) everyone else's performance was great.
the collection of passports and tickets for the excursion could have been
handled at the reception a lot easier as many unaware where to go to get
paperwork etc. However I can understand the need to collect this in the
Salimina lounge, for reasons of space, if the cruises were more passengers
than was present on this one
I can and shall thoroughly recommend your Egyptian 2 day cruise and wish you
a successful season thanks also to nicos and entertainments staff and
ordinary staff for their hospitality and friendliness

April 18th 2011


Answer : Unfortunately when the itineraries were being planned for 2011, the problems in Egypt were in full swing, therefore, as passenger safety (and probably insurance prices) are high on the agenda, 2011 has no cruises to Egypt - we will update should this change. Itineraries are always fluid -

2019 Update. The spammers overwhelmed the form and ddossed it to death. We have now figured out how to fool them, so the form is hopefully operational again.



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